Problem Gambling in USA

Gambling is one of favorite hobbies of the USA people. Even though it is restricted, its availability and participation has been on the rise. Gambling activities have been reported to contribute greatly to the gross revenues in the states. In 2007, a reported $92.2 billion was generated.

The gambling activities have also contributed to job creation in the states. As of 2006, 354,000 were employed in casinos. But even with the success of gambling in the USA, there are people who still believe that it is should not be practiced. They claim that it leads to compulsive gambling, increased political corruption and higher crime rates.

Legality and Laws

Even with significant restrictions pertaining to online and interstate gambling, the practice is legal under the United States federal law. Every state regulates the practice within its borders. It can be true to say that some form of gambling is allowed in each state if state-run lotteries are included.

This is unlike casino-style gambling that is not practiced or widespread in some states. The only two states that have made this form of gambling legal statewide are Louisiana and Nevada. Zoning and licensing restrictions are imposed by both the local and state governments. In the others states that allow this form of gambling, it is restricted to small geographical areas or American Indian Reservations.

American Indian tribes in the United States have used legal protection to open and operate casinos as domestic dependent nations. This has turned out to be a contentious issue in some states, including California. The legality of casino-style gambling in some states is restricted to riverboat casinos or large multi-story barges that are either permanently or temporarily moored in a body of water.

Online gambling has also been under strict regulation from both the federal government and state governments. In 2006, an Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was enacted. Even though it did not specifically prohibit online gambling, it outlawed the financial transactions that online gambling service providers carried out.

Casinos in USA

The USA is one of the largest commercial gambling markets in the world boasting more than a thousand land based casinos. The law regarding casinos that gamblers must adhere to differs in each state. Atlantic City in New Jersey and Las Vegas in Nevada are the two most popular places for land-based gambling in the USA. They have some of the best casinos in the country and lots of people usually go to gamble there.

Most of the land-based casinos in the USA are tribal casinos, which basically refers to Native American gaming. The casinos include bingo halls among other gambling operations that are found on tribal land or Indian reservations in the USA. The following are three most popular land based casinos in the country.

  1. The Wynn 

This is a luxury resort and casino in Las Vegas that is considered to be one of the finest hotels in the entire world. It has earned Mobil five star, AAA five diamond, Forbes five star, as well as Michelin five star ratings for hotel. It offers a range of games such as Blackjack, Craps, Caribbean Stud, Three Card Poker, B6, and many more. It is a techy-savvy casino that attracts a lot of high-class gamers. You might have probably seen it in a movie because it is one of the favorite spots for movie directors.

  1. Bellagio

It is located on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada. It is renowned for its elegance and was inspired by the Lake Como town that is found in Bellagio, Italy. There is an eight acre lake between the casino and the Strip. The lake houses the fountain of Bellagio, which a large fountain of dancing water that is synchronized to music. The casino provide impressive gaming floors and caters mostly to the elite.

  1. WinStar World Casino

This casino is located on the Oklahoma-Texas state line. It is the largest casino in Oklahoma and the second largest casino in the whole world. It has 76 table games, 46 table poker room, over 7,200 electric games, high limit room, racer’s off-track betting, bingo, and keno.

Seeking Gambling Help

You can enjoy gambling without it becoming a problem. However, some people usually develop a gambling addiction over time. If the addiction is not addressed promptly, it could ruin a person’s life. When the urge to gamble becomes too overwhelming, it can cause someone to steal, lie, or squander their savings and have financial problems for the rest of their life. But with professional help, you can be able to manage gambling problems successfully.

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