Problem Gambling in UK

Mostly, gambling in UK has a fiscal meaning and typically refers to wagering or risking money or something of worth on the result of a game, competition, or other event in the expectation of winning supplementary currency or material goods. Additionally, most types of gambling in UK are now being engaged in both remotely and locally through online, interactive TV and, or mobile phone.

Legality and Laws

Every single nation in the world has diverse laws when it comes to online gambling, and the United Kingdom has its individual laws, as well. There are some definite things that you should be tuned into, when it comes to online gambling and its legalities in the country.

Gambling in UK is managed by the introduction of the Gambling Bill in 2001 and it was approved as a law in 2005. According to the law, online gambling site has to get a Remote Gambling License so as to offer online gambling.

In the United Kingdom, gambling is controlled by the Gambling Commission in support of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport of the government under the 2005 Gambling Act. This Parliamentary Act extensively updated the gambling laws of UK, including the introduction of an original constitution of protections for kids and susceptible adults, as well as bringing the growing Internet gaming segment within British rule for the first time.

In the United Kingdom, gambling is considered legal, but there is one vital thing that you should bear in mind, which is the fact that you should have attained the age of 18 years and above to engage in gambling. This restriction applies to adult betting shops, gaming centers, bingo halls, racetracks, casinos and online gambling, as well.

If you have not attained 18 years, you are not supposed to gamble at all because, according to the law, those below the age of 18 years are not considered to be capable of controlling their gambling. If you are found betting while below the age of 18 years, the online gambling website will not be allowed to disburse any rewards or winnings out to you.

The exemptions to this law include lotteries, the National Lottery and football pools, including other non-commercial betting, or low bets and prizes betting, where people between 16 and 18 years are allowed to participate. However, some gaming engines, such as teddy grabbers, coin pushers and some lower bets fruit machines in family amusement centers and entertainment arcades do not have the minimum age restriction and the laws are open to anybody.

Land-based casinos in UK

Though UK is crammed with many online and land-based casinos, some of the highly rated land-based casinos include:

FIFTY London Casino 

This land-based casino is the leading one among the top 10 casinos in the United Kingdom. It features a total of 19 admired casino table games, such as Blackjack, Roulette, Casino Stud Poker and Punto Banco. Launched in 1827, this casino is housed in a 5-story townhouse and provides the casino fanatics visually inspiring gaming rooms to play their preferred casino table games. The casino also features upscale bars, restaurants and a club lounge. This casino has been offered a rating of 9.5 out of 10 stars.

Golden Horseshoe Casino 

This is also a land-based casino in UK, which is the second biggest one located in London. This casino is equipped with 6 slot machines as well as 29 tables roulette, blackjack craps. It is featured with a late bar, superb Chargrill restaurant and an Air Lounge.

Players can play their favorite games throughout the week in this casino and it is a wheelchair accessible casino. This casino grabbed 9 stars out of 10 in user reviews.

Maxims Casino Club 

This is one among the most visited land-based casinos in the country, which is located in London. In this casino, you can find 26 tables roulette, craps, blackjack, where you can try your casino gambling luck.

This casino attracts more number of players due to its outstanding gaming ambience and variety, and it offers rewards to the best player at the end of the day. This casino remains open from 2pm to 4am daily. It has been rated with 8.5 out of 10 stars and occupies the third place in the list of top 10 land based casinos in UK.

Ideal place to seek help for problem gamblers

In the United Kingdom, the word, problem gambling, has been used to express gambling that compromises, upsets or harms employment, family, personal or entertaining pursuits. Those suffering from gambling addiction can seek help on, the official website of GamCare, and the leading charity in the United Kingdom.

GamCare offers a face-to-face counseling to the sufferers to get them out of the gambling addiction. This national aid organization also offers training and materials to the gaming industry to develop social liability and player fortification. A 24 x 7 e-mail and chat counseling and supports services are offered to problem gamblers at GamCare.


For several people in UK, the idea of craving entails using drugs. However, in the United Kingdom, there is an increasing movement that considers many activities as potentially addictive, as well as the ones, which do not entail the intake of a drug, like gambling.

Negative effects of gambling addiction may comprise intrusion with performance of life roles, such as social activities, job, or hobbies, destruction of communal relationships, illegal activity, legal issues, involvement in hazardous situations, physical wound and impairment, monetary loss, or emotional upset. The federal government of UK has taken all necessary steps to save people from these distresses.